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The root of life is in "water".


We are distinguished in service with the overseas export market since the firm's establishment in 1983. We have been honored with the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit Award and have been positioned as one of the pioneers of water, air, and environmental specialty exports. In addition, we have grown into a global company with various certifications acquired overseas and have contributed to the national health promotion programs by establishing the Water Science Institute.

김길호 대표님 홈페이지 사진_01_edited.png
Walter Kim, Ph.D.
CEO / Founder

Greetings from the CEO

Without water, nothing will be clean.


The lack of clean water aggravates environmental pollution, leads to contracting biological phenomenon, and dehydration causes diseases and accelerates aging in the human body. The simple act of incorporating healthy water into our daily life is sufficient to prevent diseases and maintain a healthy body.

The water we drink circulates in the body to become blood and bodily fluids and keeps cells alive. The clean and smooth flow of water in the body is an important constituent of a healthy body, and the body becomes ill when this flow is obstructed.

While ordinary molecules are too large to be easily absorbed by cells, water molecules can effortlessly infiltrate cells to take out wastes that have built up and maintain functions of the cells. Therefore, while good food provides nutrients and energy to the body, good water hydrates the body, regulates metabolism and keeps the body healthy.

Starting today, try changing the body biome by drinking good water.   

COSAN firmly believes in the unlimited healing power of nature and for the past three decades, COSAN and I have put in our best efforts into creating advanced technologies with this core belief in our hearts.  

Thank you.

CEO & Founder Walter Kim, Ph.D.

CEO greetings

Our History
40 years of making good water,


Product descriptions

We produce the world's best functional water and water purification devices.

product description

Award & Certification

Major awards

Small Giant Company of Korea

2022 Small Giant Company of Korea Confirmed


Reddot Design Award winner in 2010


Export Award in 1996,2004 and 2005


Gold Tower Industrial Medal


Industrial Medal




Received Grand Prize for Small and Medium-sized enterprise

Major certifications

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